About Us

Here at Zeus DNP we really only care about 1 thing, and that’s delivering a superior product. We’ve done our market research, and there are very few dependable and consistent suppliers of crystal DNP.

Most other websites that carry DNP also sell sarms, steriods, and other stuff you don’t want. Our capsules are produced in a safe environment, ensuring you get all the stuff you want, and none you don’t.

The final product is only as good as the ingredients used. We decided to due away with cheap Chinese substitutes in favor for organic, raw starting material.

Producing our DNP in small batches allows us to increase purity with a handmade touch. Our DNP is between 98 and 99.7% purity. 

We want to be sure you receive your goods in pristine condition. If you have any issues with the capsules, or they got lost during shipment, we will reship to make things right.

AT Zeus DNP, we firmly believe in transparency. We believe that our customers should understand what DNP is, the dangers associated with taking it, and its primary possible benefits. Our philosophy is simple – the more educated our customers are about DNP, the more likely you’ll use it safely and effectively.

We seek to demystify DNP, so you can be confident in your decision in whether or not it’s right for you.